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What do you mean by Biochemical Oxygen Demand(BOD)? ​

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U. nitration of toluene.identify the main product of thereaction. ch-ch-ch,b. ch - ch - ch,60% h, so373kohc. hc = c-ch, -pd-c/quinolined. h-c=ch,+h,040% h, so1% hgso​
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Give me the formation of na2s properly
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How to separate mixture of camphor salt and chalk powder?
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Na2so4+ca(oh)+2naoh​ we have a wastewater effluent with high amounts of na2so4 to which we add ca(oh)2. now we want to separate the resulting caso4 and 2naoh​.
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What do you mean by Biochemical Oxygen Demand(BOD)? ​...

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