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Binota studied __(harder/more harder)than me​

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writing (story)gues touse the notes given below to write a short story in about 200-250 words. do include some dialoguemake your story interesting.a girl's under sea adventureaimu, a 15-year-old girl - went on scuba diving expedition - dived to a depth of 100 metres - saw the sea life there - fish, coral othersea creatures, a sunken boat etc. - noticed something in the slush - a casket - pointed it to the guide - it turned out to be a cache ofgold coins - discovery reported in media - aimu became famous - aimu excited and her parents proud.​
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If the resources of good x increases keeping the resources good y constant. then how does it affect the production possibility curve of the economy? also use diagram​
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Five things only we can do in winter lifestyle
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Tense chart all tenses of 9th class​ i will mark u as brainlist hu
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Binota studied __(harder/more harder)than me​...

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