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Opening sentences for an informal letter​

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Directions: each of the following questions, four or five alternatives are given for the phrase initalics in the sentence. choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the phrase in italics.q1: he has come up during the last five years.[stenographer's exam, 1991]a) fallen in rankhumblebrisen in statusc) become proudd) becomeq2: after tolerating a lot of exploitation at the hands of the authorities they finally decided tostand up for their rights.a) seizeb) enforcec) negotiated) vindicateq3: the boss should not have called arun names in front of others.a) abusedb) summonedc) scoldedd) praisedq4: last evening i was held up at the meeting.[nda 1995]a) keptb) detainedc) stoppedd) delayedq5: i have a problem to square up with the manager.a) work outb) considerc) discussd) settleq6: sachin is not cut out for this kind of work.a) work outb) considerc) discussd) settle​
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If once, you would arrive by six o'clock. a)start b)started c) will start
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♡team projectti meyou and your classmate have been working hard on a challenging team project. you are on track to complete the project on time, but there is still a lot ofclassmate has a personal situation that requires him to stop working on the project. what would you do in this situatson? limit the answer to 200 words.answer​
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C. made to grow in desertsd. leading to the ruin of rainforestsvocabularypunca. punctuate these sentences appropriately.1. you genius-you solved the problem so quickly2. which berth in the train is reserved for you3. you probably wonder when this will end4. he does his assignment on time, doesn't he5. i am so happy6. panther belongs to the cat family​
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Opening sentences for an informal letter​...

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