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Letter about the importance of learning English

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The words ‘celebrate’and ‘rejoice’ are expressions of joy. we celebrate the birth of a child because we are happy. we rejoice in the fact that free and compulsory education is the right of every child now. but why have these words been used in the context of the sea, sunlight and stars?
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Hello guys, how are you all: q1-who is your role model? why? how? fast. : -): -): -): -): -): -(: -(: -(: -(: -(: -(: -): -): -): -)​
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From treasure trove, volume 1 ,poem ,ch after blenheim question : which famous victory is being referred to in the extract ? who were responsible for this victory?
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Mohan said to me", give me two rupees. the principle said to the peon",get out. change to indirect speach
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Letter about the importance of learning English...

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