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On october 4 ,we all were decorating our house to celebrate the most long awaited festival , diwali . my heart was filled with excitement to meet my father after a long gap of six years . but a call from the army headquarter left us stunned…

fill in any four of the following blanks choosing the most appropriate option from the ones given below. write the answers in your answer –sheet against the correct blank numbers. ( 4 marks )

a. sanitation and hygiene are also important ( a) well – being of society and biodiversity conservation .

b. the government has (b a programme .

c. it aims to develop ( c) .

d. it will solve the problem of pollution ( d) the rivers .

e. the need has been(e) a long time.

(a ) ( i) by (ii ) from (iii) for (iv) into

(b ) (i) initiates (ii) initiated (iii) initiate (iv)initiating

(c ) (i) an (ii) a (iii) in (iv ) the

(d ) (i) in (ii ) on (iii) onto (iv )by

(e) (d ) (i) feeling (ii ) feel (iii) felt (iv ) have felt

(cbse sample paper 2017-18 question no. 5 a class x eng. comm.)

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Do you know the correct answer?
On october 4 ,we all were decorating our house to celebrate the most long awaited festival , diwali...

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