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What did god want to test in human being by sending the amazing gift ?

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Ummm kitna b bol lo kisingle happy hai , nhi jrurt pyar ki kuch nhi hota pyar vyar but truth hai at some moment itna akela feel hota h na ki us time really chahiye ki koi ho jo tmhe hold kretmhe samjhaye all u need a hug from someone​ who cares alot for youjiske liye tmhari khushi sbse jyada imp ho tm uski priority ho.friends jo tmhe ache se samjhte h wo bhi kbhi kbhi apni life me busy ho jate or tum kuch bol b nhi skte coz they also have their own life.jo girls besty hoti h na unke liye kbhi na kbhi feelings aa hi jati h but u have to control coz u can't afford to loose them just because of ur sh**ty heartat last u just ignore all things and put a fake smile on ur face and try to make other people laugh because no one is interested in knowing why you are sad they all just want u to entertain them.. : (imthatguy​
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Hey mates plz check if the answer is right or not ​
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What did god want to test in human being by sending the amazing gift ?...

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