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At the end of the story bholi showed great confidence and ability to take independent decisions. do you agree? give reason to justify your name.

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What is clash royale can you answer this question how many moons does looking have ​
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Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow nowadays the people generally think that there is nothing which is either right or wrong and the action which is best suited to the situation must be taken. they don't worry whether their actions are moral or not. their only concern is social and economic acceptability. each one of us, at one time or the other, has heard the statement, "okay, have it your own way," and so is the way that many in the world live. righteousness is very simple. in every situation that we confront in life, there is either a right way or a wrong way to proceed. if we choose the right way, we are sustained in our actions by the principles of righteousness, in which there is power from the heavens above. if we choose the wrong way and act on that choice, there is no such heavenly power, we are alone and destined to fail. the question arises: how do we know which is right and which is wrong? the system of prayer is organised as a communication system to transmit concepts of truth into the minds of human beings. god, through our conscience, 'ruh' or spirit enlightens our minds and gives us clarity of understanding of the concepts of truth. this is the way god teaches us right from wrong. if we are willing to learn his ways and follow them, we will never have to guess and will always know for sure the difference between right and wrong. each one of us lives with his or her unique situation. there are challenges with health, money, literacy, singleness, loneliness, oppression, abuse, transgression, and a neverending list of existing conditions. the solution to all these challenges is righteousness. in righteousness, there is the fulfillment of faith and hope. every blessing that god has promised to his children is predicated upon obedience to his laws and commandments. obedience to his laws and commandments is what makes us righteous, and that righteousness qualifies us to be worthy of the promised blessings. in his benevolence, god has given us the law of repentance. whenever there is disobedience to god's laws and commandments, the option of repentance is open to us. if we act upon this marvelous law, we will be forgiven for our disobedience and we can decide to become more righteous; thus repentance leads us to righteousness. in fact, most of the challenges that we have in morality can be solved by repentance and finally by righteousness. all religions in the world teach this very basic truth. (a) when do we feel and are likely to fail? (b) in which two ways can we face a difficult situation? (c) in which way can we decide whether an action is right or not? (d) how can we make ourselves peaceful and happy?
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She is praised for her charms by all
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Write a letter to the librarian of a locality library requesting to make you a member
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At the end of the story bholi showed great confidence and ability to take independent decisions. do...

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