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We should look after the aged

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5. fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions given in brackets: < br /> (i) the lame man lives begging. (with/from/by)< br /> do not boast your wealth. (of/in/for)< br /> (ili) shoes are made leather. (of/from/with)< br /> butter is made__milk. (of/from/with)< br /> (7) always beware_ false friends. (from/of/with)< br /> a greedy man hankers_ _money. (after/for/in)< br /> (vin) virtue/ happiness consists_ _speaking the truth (in/of/on)< br /> viin. the committee consists_ _ five members. (in/of/with)< br /> (ix)i warned him _driving fast. (for/on/against)​
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We should look after the aged...

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