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In the given figure find the value of X if AOB is a line if ine angle is 5x-3 and other is 2x-1

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When a person dies we pray for the peace of the departed soul.1. a missing person2. a person who has left home 3. a person who has died 4. a person who is alive
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Write a paragraph on how you spend your cavard holidays​
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Read the following poem and answer the questionfollowing like and crashing against the shores of mind. they heat him again- and again those memories thrashed him like invisible handsbut 'men where not supposed to cry'so he drink in the fear that coursed his cheeks,and buried his face- everywhere ,serence-divine in it's simplicitytelling him everything was alrightno one could hurt him nowshe was always there behind him mother protector saviour.then he thought of the shame how the others had laughed of him called him a fool because he did not know the answer how they could they expect him to know everything he could not comprehend why know must he after all ? desperation. he wished he could destroy everyone of thamethat moked himcrushed his self respect and wondered his pride , he is word crumpled around him he thought he was going to dieand then he thought of her waiting for or him with open arms and an understanding smile he felt slightly reassured and headed for homestill hesitant ,still upset ,still dyingthe little boy had a bad day at school q1 why was the little boy upset? q2 why do you think the poem begins with so much emotion? q3 what memories does the the poet indicate? q4why was the little boy desperate? q5how did the little boy fell reassured? q6why was the little boy still hesitant​
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How did the doctor react and what did he think on seeing the snake ? (question from snake and the mirror of ncert beehive )​
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