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Different between copy paste and cut paste

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From japan to europe to usa, ustad bismillah khan played in many countries of the world. why do you think his music was enjoyed by people in different countries?
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I. now i found them running like a herd of deer although i had no intention of attacking them. the expression ‘like a herd of deer’ compares the timid quality of a deer that runs at the sight of danger with the same quality of people on the streets and in the shops who tried to run away or hide at the sight of a tiger. such expressions which are used for comparing two different things are called ‘similes’. read the similes given below. • as black as coal • as beautiful as a rose • swift like an eagle • strong like a lion the words ‘as’ and ‘like’ are used for comparison. complete the following similes by using words from the box given below. you may use your own comparisons too. lead, star, nightm owl, stream, iceas clear as a heavy as dark as the bright as a bright as a bright as a
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Letter to head of municipal corporation for water logging in city due to rain​
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Paragraph writing on change the environment​
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Different between copy paste and cut paste...

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