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Compare the growing conditions of tea and coffee.​

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State the ways in industrial pollution degrades the environment. suggest three method to control environment degradation.
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What were the accepted by the tribal leaders in exchange for the slaves
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The theory of continental drift was propounded by professor alfred wegener in the year of
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Q1. multiple choice questions: 1. is the solid crust or the hard top layer of the earth. a) hydrosphere b) lithosphere c) atomsphere 2. is not a component of human environment a) land b) religion c) community 3. is not a natural ecosystem? a) desert b) aquarium c) forest 4. is human made environment? a) mountain b) sea c) road 5. is a threat to environment? a) growing plant b) growing population c) growing crops 6. the upper most layer over the earth’s surface is called a) crust b) mantle c) core 7. the rock is made up of molten magma is a) igneous b) sedimentary c) 8. the innermost layer of the earth is a) crust b) core c) mantle 9. gold, petroleum and coal are examples of a) rocks b) minerals c) fossils 10. rocks contain fossils are a) igneous rocks b) sedimentary rocks c) rocks 11. the layer of the earth is a) crust b) mantle c) core 12. an earthquake is measured with a called a) barometer b) seismograph c) thermometer 13. the collection of sediments from all the mouths of distributaries forms a a) delta b) meanders c) ox bow lake 14. the steep rocky coast rising almost vertically above sea water is called a) sea cliff b) sea arches c) sea caves 15. is not an erosional feature of sea caves? a) cliff b) beach c) sea cave 16. the depositional feature of a glacier is: a) flood plain b) beach c) moraine 17. is caused by the sudden movements of the earth? a) volcano b) folding c) flood plain 18. mushroom rocks are found in: a) deserts b) river valleys c) glaciers 19. ox bow lakes are found in: a) deserts b) river valleys c) glaciers ii. answer in one word: 1. the process of wearing away of the landscape by different agents like water, wind and ice 2. the world of living organisms like plants and animals etc. is called 3. the world of non-living organisms like land, water etc. is called 4. the domain of water is reffered to as 5. layer protect from the harmful rays and heat of the sun 6. plant and animal kingdom together make the sphere called 7. name of a system in goods are exchanged without the use of money 8. rock is known as primary rock? 9. the process of transformation of the rock from one to another is known as the 10. the remains of the , dead plants and animals trapped in the layers of rocks are called 11. the red fort is made of stone. 12. the place in the crust where the movements starts is called the 13. the place on the surface above the focus is called the 14. the process of breaking up of the rocks on the earth’s surface: 15. the magnitude of the earthquake is measured on the
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Compare the growing conditions of tea and coffee.​...

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