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A square + b square + c square z square factorise the following

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Acube is placed inside a cone of radius 20 cm and height 10 cm, one of its faces being on the base of the cone and vertices of opposite face touching the cone. what is the length (in cm) of side of the cube? optionsa 5, b 6, c 8, d 9 (in cms) ​
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Kirthi spent ₹281.90 on a total of australian yummy and 5 packets of healthy rice. calculate the number of weeks her family would take to finish the rice if they eat 1/2 kilogram of rice every day.
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Vibha has to go to stadium 12 km away. if she cycles of 15 km/hr, how much time it will take to reach stadium
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7. given below is a description of a type of graph: • it is a two-dimensional figure.. it is divided into slices to show numerical proportions/ percentage.• its area is represented by t d’14.identify the type of graph.(b) box plot(a) bar graph(d) histogram(c) pie chart​
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A square + b square + c square z square factorise the following

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