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Find the square root by factorisation method 14400

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From the given set of variables select a subset of variable to train a regression model based on given information: target value=y , cov(x1,y)=1, cov(x2,y)=0.12, cov(x3,y)=-1.
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In an exam there are 60 question you get 3 marks for everyone correct and and -1 for every wrong ans if i attempt 54 question and got all 54 correct then find my total marks pl me​
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❤hello pyre friends ❤❤❤tum sab apni chūút chūusloo madarclodo gnd me danda ghusalo gnd maralooo bèhn ke ldo ​
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If two ratios a : b and c: d express mutually opposite relations , let us write what relation will be expressed by their inverse relation​
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Find the square root by factorisation method 14400...

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