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Write about the meteor and meteorite​

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What is the pressure at a depth of 15 cm in brine of density 1.2g/cm? an aqueous solution of nacl is called brine. take g=10 ms2* (a) 0.18 n/m2 (b) 18 n/m2 (c) 1800 n/m2 (d) 1.8 n/m²​
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25. the magnitude of change in velocity of a particlehaving speed vis v during a time interval at whilemoving in a uniform circular motion. the magnitudeof average force on the particle is proportional to​
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Decomposition reaction require energy in the form of heat and light or electricity for breaking down the reactant write one equation for decomposition reaction where energy is supplied in the form of heat light and electricity
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Aparticle of mass m and charge q is released from rest in a electric field, the kinetic energy attained by the particle after moving a distance x is-​
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