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The equation of acceleration what​

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4.(d) b will decay at a faster rate than a.a sample originally contained 1020 radioactive atoms, whichemit a-particles. the ratio of a particles emitted in the thirdyear to that emitted during the second year is 0.3. howmany a-particles were emitted in the first year? (a) 3 x 1018(b) 3 x 1019(c) 5 x 1018(d) 7× 1019i with decay constant 1.5/s is being​
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Why we have to study electrostatic potential​
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Is it true that magnetic waves from cell phone will affect honey bees?
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Aparticle moves from position r1 3i + 2j - 6 km to position or 214 i + 13 j + 90 metres under the action of force 4i + chain + 3 k newton find the work done
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The equation of acceleration what​...

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