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Derive an equation for gamma=1/t for an ideal gas

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Four friends went to shooting stadium at 9: 40 am for shooting practice. after a third of an hour, the first person fired a bullet. the second person fired after the sixth of an hour after the first person. the ratio of the time interval between the first and second person to the first and fourth person is 1: 4. a car was approaching the stadium. the driver of the car heard the firing sound of the first and fourth bullet at an interval of 36 minutes. if the speed of sound is 360 m/sec. find the speed of car (km/hr)?
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Asmalll plane area is rotated in an electric feild in which oreintation of the area is the flux of electric feild through the area maximum in which orientation is it zero
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Aboat man goes 4 km against the current of the stream in 1hour and goes 2 km along the current in 5 minutes. how long will it take to go 21 km in stationary water?
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The magnetic field at a distance of r from a long wire
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Derive an equation for gamma=1/t for an ideal gas...

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