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Take a plastic pipe and fix a jet at one of its end. connect the pipe to a water tap attached to

a large overhead tank. fix a large protractor as shown in the figure so that you can hold the

pipe at different angles (say at 15 degree
, 30 degree
, 45 degree
and 60 degree

hold the pipe in such a manner that jet of water comes out at an angle of 15 degree
. measure the

distance up to water is . is the range of the projectile.

now hold the pipe at an angle of 30 degree
, 45 degree
and 60 degree
. measure the range of the projectile in each

case. keep the speed of water coming out of the jet same in each case.

what do you find? for a given speed, the range is maximum when the angle of projection is

45 degree

also, try to find out the effect of initial speed of water on the range of the projectile.

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