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What is assimilation of food

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1$1. a particle is moving in a uniform magneticheaits momentum change but total energy remanb) both momentum and total energy remain samec) both will changed) total energy change but momentum remain same2. a semi-conductor doped with a donar impurity isa) p-type b) n-type c)n-p-n type d) p-n-p type63. a wire of resistance of 4pi is stretched to twice its original lengththen the resistance of stretched wire will bea)16pi b) 20pi. c) 404. there is 10 unit of charge at the centre of a circle of radius 10cm.the work done in moving 1 unit of charge around the circle is 1a) zero b) 10 unit c) 100 unit d) 1 unita charge q is enclosed by a gaussian spherical surface of radius r. ifthe radius is doubled then outward electric flux willa) be doubledb) increases four timesc) be reduced to half d) remain the same​
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What is assimilation of food...

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